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I'm excited to get to know you!

I am a PNW girl in my heart and soul!  I was born and raised in Tacoma Washington - where I am now raising my own two children with my high school sweetheart. There are so many things I love about the PNW - specifically about Tacoma - from the mountain views on all sides to Commencement Bay and the Puget Sound just minutes away! It's dreamy here!

My first experience in a delivery room was at 11 years old, when my baby sister was born. I laugh now because I'm sure the experience was meant to act as a sort of birth control, and it was rather terrifying. It wasn't until much later that I realized just how incredible it really was. My sister was nearly 10 pounds and our mom had a natural birth! I have a deep admiration of the birthing body, and I am positively fascinated by what it is capable of. 

I have always been inspired by the strength of the birthing bodies and the miracle of birth. This is why I became a professional Doula in June of 2021 and am proud to serve birthing people and families throughout the South Sound area.

Every pregnant person deserves to have someone there to guide and assist them in making educated choices about their pregnancy, and remind them that they can trust the strength of their bodies during this time. I’m here to provide unbiased information and emotional support. Please get in touch to find out more.

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