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Informative and compassionate 

Birth is a life changing event, but with my nurturing support, you will learn to be comfortable with the idea of giving birth. As your Doula, you can count on me to make sure you feel confident throughout the entire process.


Birth matters.

As a DONA trained birth doula, I feel so lucky to be living out my dream, and helping birthing people realize and harness the power of their body. If I am invited into your birthing space, I will do my very best to make sure you feel supported and have all the evidence-based facts to feel confident in your choices surrounding your pregnancy and birth.

I would love to chat with you about your upcoming birth! 


Birth Support

Informative and Compassionate


Any question, any time Jenn would respond back with all my answers, and not with an "I know everything attitude".



Having Jenn by our side for our fourth child gave us the peace of mind we both needed.




Tacoma, WA


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